squirrel babies in attic insulation

Do Squirrels Mate For Life

Squirrels are a highly sexually active species in general their behaviour differs based on the colour of their fur. The most common are the red or brown squirrel, the grey squirrel and the black squirrel. The red and black squirrels are highly aggressive and non-familial. They fight each other and hunt each other young. They …

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Squirrel Mating Season

Squirrel Mating Season

When it comes to Ontario’s squirrel the Eastern-Grey Squirrel is the dominant species. These squirrels mate two times a year – in the fall and the spring. During these times you can see the males chasing the females to mate. People unfamiliar with these habits might be perceived as play-fighting; something younger squirrels indeed does …

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Case Study: Squirrel break-in gable in Mississauga

Exterior Inspection After a call about a possible squirrel break-in in Mississauga was received, a squirrel removal technician was sent on the way to conduct an exterior inspection. Once the technician was on-site, the technician started his inspection by carefully searching around the perimeter of the building. The technician hopes to find entry points, breaches, …

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